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Fuel Injector - LS/UNV 641 cc/min - High Impedance - USCAR -8p.

New low-mass disc design provide accurate metering control 1 - 1.5 %

ACCEL Performance
Fabricante : ACCEL Performance
Número de Pieza : 151861
Barcode : 743047011478
ERP Code : ACC-0291

ACCEL 61 pound per hour EV6 High Impedance Fuel Injector Set. ACCEL Performance fuel injectors provide precise control of fuel delivery and atomization for increased power, improved throttle response, and better fuel economy. ACCEL EV6 fuel injectors feature high impedance design to function properly with your vehicle's ECU. These injectors also utilize a new low-mass disc design that ensures a spray pattern for ultra-fine atomization and improved burn efficiency. ACCEL fuel injectors come complete and ready for installation with precision-molded O-rings and fine-mesh fuel strainers. These fuel injector 8 packs are high impedance 61 lb/hr USCAR LS/UNV.

Official ACCEL Performance Distributor
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  • Provides precise control of fuel delivery and atomization for increased power and improved throttle response.
  • All-new units, not modified stock units or re-manufactured from used cores.
  • Operates at higher fuel pressures without loss of metering control. Great for blown applications, where increased fuel pressure and precise metering are required.
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing processes reduce flow deviations between injectors to improve performance.
  • High-Impedance design for greater control with OEM type ECMs.
  • New anti-plugging type, which will forever eliminate problems that were once associated with carbon buildup.
  • Perfect for Blown/Turbo applications where increased fuel pressure and precise fuel metering is required.
  • For all Port Type EFI Manifolds.
  • 3 BAR (43.5 PSI) Flow Rating - 15% More Flow @ 58 PSI.

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