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Ignition Coil - E-Core - Super Coil - 48000V - Black / Yellow

Clear anodized aluminum housing transfers heat and protects against vibration

ACCEL Performance
Fabricante : ACCEL Performance
Número de Pieza : 140009
Barcode : 743047760932
ERP Code : ACC-0355

ACCEL 140009, Ignition Coil, Heavy Duty Electronic Super Coil, 48,000V, Each.Supplies over 45,000 Volts.Clear anodized aluminum housing transfers heat and protects against vibration.For high-performance use with both breakerless electronic and ACCEL CD type ignition systems. Heavy gauge windings and E-core design maximize energy and voltage output. Extruded aluminum heat sink for cooling and long life.

Official ACCEL Performance Distributor
Supplier Warranty
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detalles del producto

Product Description

High energy heavy gauge windings deliver unmatched performance. Designed to work with both breakerless electronic ignition systems or ACCEL, Mallory, Crane, Holley or MSD capacitive discharge ignition systems. E-core design minimizes inductance losses and maximizes energy output. Special high temperature epoxy resists shock and vibration and provides excellent thermal conductivity. Extruded aluminum heat sink provides maximum cooling to ensure long life. SAE male tower offers greater coil wire retention and protection from arcing. Complete with insulated primary wire connector, universal ACCEL 8.8mm Spiral coil lead and mounting hardware kit.

Features & Benefits

  • Racing Ignition Coil
  • Maximum Energy Output
  • Minimum Inductance Loss
  • Resist Shock And Vibration
  • Protection From Arcing
  • W/Insulated Wire Connector
  • Mounting Hardware Kit Included


Primary Resistance 0.7 Ohms
Secondary Resistance 10.0k Ohms
Turns Ratio 70 : 1
Maximum Voltage 48,000 volts
Peak Current 220 mA
Spark Duration 300 μS

Tested with ACCEL 3 Ignition.

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